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Green lighting (China ASEAN) International Conference held in Beijing


The morning of October 14th, sponsored by the national energy conservation center of green lighting (China ASEAN) International Conference held in China Hall of science and technology. The national development and Reform Commission deputy director, Lv Wenbin Jia Fusheng of director of Department of resource of ring the national energy conservation center and Malaysia energy, green technology and water resources related to the leadership of the Department attended and addressed the meeting, representatives of domestic hundreds of industry associations and enterprises to participate in the meeting.
The meeting focus on countries phase out incandescent light bulbs, to promote energy-saving lamps of policy measures and cooperation mechanism to promote green lighting research, accelerate the promotion process of ASEAN countries, contribute to the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.
The meeting also summed up since China's national development and Reform Commission and the United Nations development program and the global environment fund jointly launched the "China phasing out the incandescent lamp, energy saving lamps promotion" project in the development and achievements of green lighting. "China is phasing out the incandescent lamp, energy saving lamps promotion project" carried out since 2009, won wide support from all sectors of society, various ministries and commissions, various departments and units to carry out a series of activities. The China Association of lighting assumed "the study and formulation of incandescent lamp production enterprise transformation scheme" and "improve energy-saving lamps of raw materials, components, production equipment level of training", "China International Lighting Design Competition" and "farewell to the incandescent light bulb, light green life" and other more than ten sub project.
2014 "incandescent bulb farewell, light green life" series of promotional activities include: the government, urban and rural, circulation, consumers and the media in action. Participate in activities.
The meeting also held a discussion on the 4 sessions, respectively around countries phase out incandescent, promotion policies and mechanisms for efficient lighting products; LED standard; high efficiency lighting technology promotion and application and intelligent lighting and lighting control. On how to promote the coordination and cooperation mechanism of policy promotion and region; development trend of semiconductor lighting standards and how to strengthen international cooperation in the field of application of standards; how to use the new model to promote the promotion of efficient lighting technologies, and how the scientific design, reasonable transformation to achieve energy-saving effect maximization; the future development trend of intelligent lighting technology prospect of dialogue to discuss.
China as assistant manager thing long Liu Shengping and the Secretariat members attended the meeting.
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