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On 2014 held in Jiangsu lighting academic annual meeting notice


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Jiangsu Province Association of lighting
On 2014 held in Jiangsu lighting academic annual meeting notice
Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Institute of lighting lighting Electric Appliance Association is scheduled for 2014 December 4 ~ 5 day held in Nanjing "2014 Jiangsu lighting conference". Engineering and technical personnel of the meeting will invite domestic and foreign lighting industry renowned experts and enterprises in the first production line introduced the status quo and development trends of lighting technology field, around the "new development" of traditional lighting and solid state lighting technology theme, introduces the traditional light source, LED, OLED new products and new materials, new equipment, new electronic components; progress and key hot issues related to standards, testing technology, lighting engineering and intelligent lighting control; and the academic activities combine with market economy, provide technical exchanges and business platform for the enterprise, the conference content is rich, information content is big, welcome domestic and foreign colleagues and member units, in meeting the specific matters, we will notice the following
A conference report time, place:
The 1 conference report time: December 3, 2014 (4 ~ 5 days of the meeting);
2 meeting location: Nanjing Hongqiao Hotel Address: Nanjing Zhongshan North Road No. 202 (traffic: NanJing Railway Station road by 13 to the Hongqiao station and take a taxi 12 yuan; the NanJing South Railway Station take subway line 1 to the drum tower station, then take the 16 Road, 31 road until the Hongqiao station; the Airport by bus to the city and then take a taxi; Nanjing the city take 16 Road, 34 Road, 13 Road, 31 Road, 100 Road, 45 Road, 47 road until the Hongqiao station. )
Two, conference fees: conference materials fee, registration fee, accommodation fee total each charge 1200 yuan. (no accommodation charges 600 yuan)
Three meeting 13851528202, contact: Xiao Yongqiang
Yan Tzu Chi 025-83702877
In November 5, 2014

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